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Commercial HVAC


Certified, Reliable, Premier Services

P2S Mechanical & Controls’ team is trained in the latest technologies and takes your whole environment into account, giving you long-term solutions for your HVAC systems.

P2S Mechanical & Controls has a wide range of experience across all types of HVAC brands and system designs. HVAC units work overtime in a commercial setting, so we develop and provide high-performance solutions specifically engineered for this industry.   

Proper ventilation, indoor air quality, and accurately regulating temperatures are important factors in protecting your product or assets and providing a comfortable environment for your customers or employees.


Services Offered

HVAC Retrofits

HVAC Repairs

Solo Chill Systems

Condenser and Evaporator Replacements

CPC, Carel Boss and Micro Thermo Controls

Some of our common services include filter changes, belt repairs, monitoring of key pressures and temperatures and measurement of efficiency for cooling and heat. 

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Customized Preventative Maintenance Programs

Extend the Life of Your Assets

We offer comprehensive HVAC maintenance plans developed based on a thorough evaluation of your business, including company goals, equipment type, location, environment, location, and more. 


Our programs extend the life of your assets, increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.


We work with you to find the best preventative maintenance program for your equipment and industry requirements.

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